Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The End!

It is done!
5,089 miles in 17 days.
Happy to be home.

120 in the desert!

We are the desert fathers! Our thermometer says it is 120 or so out! Boiling! Can't wait to get home!

Stopped for border check!

120 degrees out! We are being roasted! Ugh!

Hay there!

Hay there! Almost to El Centro! About 45 miles ago!

A Dew Sin!

Gasp! Greg does the unthinkable !

Closer to Home!

Not too long now!

The question to the last answer is

What were the Dew Brothers created from?

Answers to the Quizzes

1. The difference is the green caps
2. Martin Dewther or C. S Dewis
3. Carlsbad Caverns
4. True
5. Dews and Donts
6. Bat Guano!

Dew Commandments?

What is our name for the Ten Commandments?

A True or False question

Are all Dews created equal?